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Our projects

family-relocate is a startup project that aims to accompany families before, during and during the move. We rely on a resource-oriented and solution-oriented approach. The works of Tanya Crossman "Misunderstood: the impact of growing up overseas in the 21st century", Lauren Wells "raising up a generation of healthy third culture kids" and Linda A. Janssen "the emotionally resilient expat" serve as a basis for us, among others for our commitment.


With the family-relocate project, we hope to create a positive foundation for the ever-growing expat community and our future, our children. We are thinking of a generation of mentally and emotionally stable, healthy third culture kids and strong families. 

Nice, you are part of it! We look forward to feedback, suggestions and good conversations!

Sarah and Rachel

Kids point

A survey has shown that for children in a culture change and in a moving situation and acclimatization, friendships with other children in a similar situation are the greatest resource. With our Kids-point project we want to remedy this. The goal of the bi-weekly Zoom meetings is to connect children. Short training units on culture, friendship and dealing with emotions as well as creative, resource-promoting elements enrich the meetings. 

strong TCK's - healthy families

Information and tips for parents in the transitioning context

We write helpful and short blog texts on the subject of moving to a foreign culture with children. Our goal is to provide you with helpful tips and current research on TCK's and families across cultures. This ensures a good transition and a long-term positive experience for the family.

interkulturelle Familien - Resilient und stark

Family coaching

For families going through upheaval, a good conversation is often the first step toward an open, emotionally healthy journey. Together we illuminate the aspects of change, culture, loss and the construction of a new everyday family life. The goal is the growth of each individual and a healthy start into a new adventure.

Familien-Coaching im Umzug in die Ferne

Training unit for children and parents

We are in the process of creating small video units, exercise material and podcasts with training elements on the topics of moving, culture change and transitioning. If a topic is particularly important to you, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Awareness und Emotionale Gesundheit für TCK-Eltern
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