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Where in the WORLD are you right now?

are you at home?

or do you feel FOREIGN, between cultures?

"We support families moving to a foreign country, a new culture and an adventure that leaves positive traces for everyone."

"Beim Umzug in mein jetziges Land hat mir am meisten geholfen, schnell neue Freunde zu finden" SH, 12 Jahre

"Ich habe viel mit meinen Geschwistern im Park Sport gemacht, das hat mir geholfen, um mich hier wohl zu fühlen." EB, 13 Jahre

"Ich habe in meinem neuen Land mit meinem Hobby, Klavierspielen, weitergemacht." NL, 14 Jahre

interkulturelle und starke Familien sind uns ein Herzensanliegen. Wir investieren in eine gesunde "crosscultural" Generation mit Ausbildung, Vernetzung und Coaching. Für eine psychisch und pyschisch gesunde, interkulturelle Gesellschaft.


the idea behind family-relocate

Sara lived in an African country for a year and a half. It was a wonderful and challenging experience. Back in Switzerland, she looked for ways to combine her experiences with in-depth training. So she started training to become an intercultural coach.

Rahel moved to the USA with her family in 2022. She was looking for help to prepare her teenagers as well as possible for the changes. At the time of the move, many good advisors were too time-consuming. Simple programs for your children to prepare for a culture change were missing. 

Sara and Rahel therefore decided to remedy this situation. Together with their personal experiences as well as their professional experience in therapy and coaching, they are working on creating a compact, simple and understandable training unit for families in order to support parents and children during times of preparation and arrival in the new country.

This preventative and educational tool supports intercultural families in their “transitioning”, moving and settling into a new culture. Our goal is a healthy, strong, new generation of "crosscultural kids" and TCK's who enrich the world with their cultural experiences and potential.

Sara Pfister_family-relocate_co-funder
Rahel Brügger_family-relocate_co-funder

Sarah Pfister

Rahel Brügger

Trauma therapist/intercultural coach
Social educator
Art therapist ED, specializing in design and painting therapy, artist
"Das relocate-Programm hilft Familien im Umzug in eine neue Kultur, zusammen zu wachsen, Stärken zu entdecken und das Leben zu geniessen."

We love discovering new cultures, experiencing the diversity of people and traveling to new areas. Although we both spent our entire childhood in the Swiss countryside, we were drawn out into the world. Alone and with our families, we experienced African cultures up close - and currently also the American school system in the Midwest.


After studying social education, Sara trained as an intercultural coach and trauma therapist and Rahel focused her painting therapy work on art therapeutic trauma work after obtaining her federal diploma.  


Together we believe that it is absolutely important to prepare families for a stay abroad in a preventative and age-appropriate manner. This shouldn't just depend on the parents (they have their hands full at this time anyway!), but should be supported professionally and competently.


In this way, important steps are set for the children to integrate the new culture and to be able to live a healthy and reconciled life in the long term.  


The Relocate program helps families moving to a new culture grow together, discover strengths and enjoy life.  

family-relocate has set itself the task of strengthening intercultural families and thus promoting the mental and physical health of a future "crosscultural" generation.


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